Phlebotomy Technician Salary

Oct 13

It is impossible to know every single career in health care especially since there are just so many available. This is why before settling on a particular medical career, it would be wise to learn about all that there is to ensure that it is suitable for you. Aside from the obvious physician and nursing careers, there are also technician professions that are crucial to any medical facility. If you have never hear of a phlebotomy technician before, perhaps it is about time that you find out more about it. You never know, this could actually be your true calling. Everything about this career as well as the phlebotomy technician salary, you will discover right here.

Responsibilities of a Phlebotomy Technician

A phlebotomy technician is a healthcare professional tasked with extracting, collecting, preserving, and screening blood samples from patients. These technicians collect samples without the use of needles. Instead they utilize blood collection systems to extract blood from a vein or artery through venipuncture. This procedure is only done when requested by a physician for analysis. As a phlebotomy technician, you will be collecting and processing blood samples from different patients of any age. It is your job to ensure that the lab results you provide are accurate so that proper diagnosis can be made.

Phlebotomy Technician Jobs

The job outlook for phlebotomy technicians is very good because the need for individuals in this profession is constant. Blood extraction is often needed to determine a patient’s condition, which is why this career is on the rise. As a phlebotomist, you will be interacting with patients directly when withdrawing blood. You will have to be polite and know how to keep them calm, as there are some patients who get nervous when it comes to blood extraction. Many currently in the field consider this profession very rewarding and the high phlebotomy tech salary offered is also a great bonus.

Phlebotomy Technician Salary

Before entering any profession, it is only natural to want to know how much the salary is, and in this case you most likely want to know the phlebotomy technician pay offered. Different things factor into the amount given from education, to demand, geographical location, and work setting. The average salary earned by phlebotomy technicians varies greatly from state to state. Depending on the location, this average can be $29,000 to $44,000 each year. On the other hand, the phlebotomy tech hourly wage is approximately $22.

Phlebotomy Technician Training

To become a phlebotomy technician, you will need to go through formal training in schools that offer accredited training programs. There are also some technicians who can actually choose to be trained on the job itself. In fact there aren’t really any specific education or certification requirements for those in this field. In some cases, if there aren’t programs offered specifically for phlebotomists in your area, then you may have to study to become a medical assistant or even a licensed vocational nurse then from there you can choose to specialize in phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy Technician Certification

After completing your education, obtaining certification isn’t really a requirement for most jobs. But some states like California for example require all phlebotomy technicians to be certified before being allowed to practice as one. After finishing an accredited training program, you will be qualified to obtain certification. This can be achieved by passing a certification exam provided by an accredited organization. Even if certification isn’t necessary in your area, obtaining this is still highly recommended. It will show employers that you are qualified and dedicated to your job. Not to mention it can make a difference in your pay.

When deciding on what career path to take, it is always a good idea to learn about all your options as well as all the details. The purpose of having a job is to be able to support yourself and live comfortably for the rest of your life. The good thing about health care careers is that it offers security, stability, and good pay. On top of all those things, you will also find yourself in a very rewarding career. Being able to help in treating patients on a daily basis is always a great plus. With the handsome phlebotomy technician salary offered, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider a career such as this.

Ultrasound Technician Salary in Pa

Oct 08

Imaging is an important part of any medical diagnosis process. There happen to be several different methods of obtaining imaging but some technologies are always better than other techniques. It so happens that ultrasound technology is the one that is used the most. That raises an interesting question. Why is it that ultrasound technician salary in pa is the most used of all these imaging solutions?

There must be so many reasons why ultrasound technician salary in pa has taken up this important role in field of imaging. The following are the more essential reasons for the current popularity of ultrasound.

  • It does not cause any sort of pain.
  • It is cheaper compared to other medical imaging solutions.
  • Much more safe than most other medical imaging options.

Pain Free Experience

There is a saying that claims that nothing can be gained if there is no pain. It does seem like a real world case of irony, for the pain story applies in full to the process of diagnosis. There are several instances where a lot of patients have complained of extreme discomfort with the diagnosis. Some patients even go to the extent of distancing themselves from any type of imaging. They blame the painful process of imaging for this. With ultrasound technician salary in pa, that is not the case. To be fair, there is some discomfort with any imaging process.

Of all the imaging tech that is out there, ultrasound technician salary in pa is the one with the least amount of discomfort. Under standard circumstances, the entire experience will be pain free. This makes them extremely useful.

Lesser Cost Of Diagnosis

Of the total costs that are attributed to any medical procedure, the figure attributed to diagnosis can be anywhere from twenty percent to sixty percent. There are also certain conditions when medical insurance will not cover some or all of the costs related diagnostic costs. When such is the case, folks would appreciate if the costs of imaging are on the lower side. That is one of the things that defines the experience of using ultrasound technician salary.

The technology has been around for so long, it has been given the time to be adopted widely. That is why, there are so many companies providing this equipment. As a result this extreme availability, the prices of ultrasound technician salary imaging solutions are the lowest in the entire industry. As a result of this, using this equipment to produce images is the lowest of all.

Safety Is Paramount

It is good that a particular imaging solution provides a pain free experience. It is also good that the cost is on the lower side. If all this exists, people will still not take it if it is not safe. Luckily, that is not a problem that bothers ultrasound. This particular imaging technology is not only the cheapest and painless experience, it is also the safest option for imaging.

When these three things combine, that makes them so much better. No other image technology comes with all of these benefits. That is why, ultrasound technician salary  has been and will continue to be the best imaging solution.

How to Become a Nurse

Aug 22

Are you searching for tips on how to become a nurse? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The first step to becoming a nurse is completing high school or getting your GED. If you’re still in high school you can maximize your chances of being accepted into nursing school after you graduate by doing well in classes like algebra, chemistry and physics. For adults that have been out of high school for a few years they might be required to complete college credits before being accepted into a nursing school.

The Right Personality

Being accepted into a nursing school isn’t just about achieving the right perfect Grade Point Average or completing the proper amount of college classes, it’s also about having the right personality traits like compassion, patience and the ability to work well under pressure that are all traits of the best nurses around the world. If you’re interested in learning how to become a nurse you should consider visiting your local hospital and speaking with nurses on staff there. Volunteering at a hospital or medical facility is another great way to gain experience in what a career in nursing can offer you.

Many nursing schools will require you to pass an entrance exam that will measure you aptitude and even your potential for becoming a nurse.

Becoming A Nurse

There are three paths to becoming a registered nurse. 1. Bachelors of science 2. Bachelor’s degree in nursing and 3. Associates degree in nursing. There is also one last option called the hospital diploma plan where students actually study nursing in the hospital with other nurses and with educators. Hospitals supplement this training with college courses and training at local nursing colleges. If the hospital diploma plan isn’t for you it’s not hard to get you at an accredited college either locally or online. Many people choose to get their degrees online thanks to the convenience and flexibility that online programs offer.

Whatever route you take to your questions on how to become a nurse should be answered. Rest assured that you’re entering a profession where there is a huge demand. As a nurse you will have the ability to take your career with you and travel anywhere in the world, earn a great income and enjoy security that many other professions don’t have during these times of economic uncertainty.

Why Choose Nursing Degree Program

Jul 06

Over the last few years as the economy has been changing, one of the industries that has been growing more than ever before is nursing. One of the things that caused the increase in demand for nurses around the world is the generation of baby boomers who are retiring and growing older every year.

For people who are interested in getting their nursing degree, there are two options 1) Go to an actual school or 2) Enroll in an online nursing degree program. Many people are choosing online nursing degree programs because of the flexibility that they offer especially for adults who are already working and have families of their own.

Which Online Nursing Program Should You Choose?

The field of nursing is wide open with opportunity and there are many online courses available for you to enroll in; including RN, BSN and MSN. The only educational requirement that online nursing programs have is for a prospective students to have a high school diploma or a GED before enrolling.

The nursing field that you choose depends on the type of patient that you want to work with and the medical practice that you want to work in. Once you enroll for online nursing degree classes, it is important to have a computer and a webcam with Internet access. Many online students decide to purchase laptops so they can study and submit their work online whenever they want.

The Key To Success With Online Nursing Programs

Time management and self-motivation are the keys to success with Online nursing education. Remember that just because you are enrolled in an online program that does not mean that you would not have to study and meet deadlines to complete your coursework. Many students have found success in managing their time by investing in a simple ‘week at a glance’ day planner to make sure that they devote the proper amount of time to studying every day and turning in coursework when it is due.

The physical interaction with students and teachers is the one main difference between physical and online classrooms. Once you are enrolled in an online nursing program, there is no need to hesitate interacting with your classmates online via your school’s forum or instant messaging service. You also should not hesitate to ask your instructor questions via email as well.

Online nursing education can be fun as well as an exciting learning experience, making it easier for you to balance your studies and social life. The only thing to ensure is, that you are putting your efforts as and when required; in completing your assignments and coursework.

Surgical Tech Training Options

Jun 22

Are you interested in becoming a surgical tech, but confused about training and certification options?

Although there are many options as far as colleges, schools, technical centers, and online training, the most important factor to keep in mind according to the Association of Surgical Technologists, is to be sure your surgical technician training program will qualify you to take the certification exam. Most employers prefer to hire surgical technicians that are certified over non-certified techs.


Surgical Technology Certification

Certification will give you the edge when it comes to employment. To qualify for surgical technician certification you’ll need to graduate from an accredited training program and then pass the certification exam.

Finding an Accredited Training Program

There are numerous schools and training centers across the nation offering surgical technology training programs. The best surgical tech training programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP). Check CAAHEP’s website for a current listing of over 400 surgical technician training programs.

Regardless of the state you live in, you should be able to find a CAAHEP accredited surgical technician training program to attend. They are conveniently located throughout the United States. Alaska and Vermont are two of the states that currently do not have a physical location that is accredited. If there is not an accredited program available to you, there are other options. The following eight accredited schools offer online distance learning programs for surgical technologists.

  • Gulf Coast Community College / Florida
  • Laramie County Community College / Wyoming
  • Kirkwood Community College / Iowa
  • Lockhaven University / Pennsylvania
  • Presentation College / South Dakota
  • Spencerian College / Kentucky
  • Southeast Community College / Nebraska
  • Canadian Valley Technology Center / Oklahoma

Qualifications for Taking the Surgical Technologist Credentialing Exam

In order to be eligible to take the surgical technologist credentialing exam, you must be a graduate of a Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP) surgical tech program, or an Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools (ABHES) program. Accredited surgical technologist training classes vary in length between 9 months  to 24 months.

Prerequisites for Entry into an Accredited Surgical Technologist Program

There are a few requirements before you’ll be able to enter into an accredited surgical technologist program. The following is a list of probable requirements:

  • A high school diploma or a GED. Official diploma transcripts may be required before acceptance.
  • A satisfactory score on a Health Profession Pre-Admission examination, or other prequalification exam may be required.
  • Admission to an accredited surgical tech program may be on a selective basis.
  • For certain programs, certain courses may be required before acceptance into the program.

Curriculum Subjects of Study at an Accredited Surgical Technology Program


When you attend an accredited program, you can expect the curriculum to be extensive and to completely prepare you for your new career. Curriculum includes class work, mock surgery, along with actual, live operating room time.

Course / bookwork will involve the following subjects:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Medical terms
  • Anesthesia techniques and surgical pharmacology
  • Ethical, legal, and moral issues
  • Surgical instrument recognition
  • Safety standards
  • Communication and professional medical skills
  • General patient safety and care, including vital signs, Consent, CPR, and patient assessment
  • Principles of asepsis
  • Sterile techniques
  • Surgical procedures
  • Wound classification and healing
  • Postoperative prognosis, care, and potential complications

We hope this information has been helpful as you decide on the surgical technician training that is right for you.

Phlebotomy Certification Test

Apr 27

In general, there are a few crucial things to take note of if you are planning go for phlebotomy certification test. As a phlebotomist you would expect your daily job description dealing with blood sample and blood withdrawal from patients. Thus, it is important for you to pass the certification test to reassure the clients that you have the proper certified training to perform your job. By having the right knowledge and practical experience, you would be able to excel your training test.

Normally those that sign up for the certification test would fall into one of the three categories. Majority of the test taker would be the graduates from community college or university who already owned their associate degree or bachelor degree. The main reason for them to take this additional test is to enhance their credibility and credential for broader employment opportunity. By having years of education background in college it would not be difficult for those brilliant minds to pass the test.

Phlebotomy Certification Test

There is another group of people who has the job training experience but without formal education certification. With more and more competition on the job market with tighten regulation; most employers would prefer their phlebotomist to have at least a certification. Thus if you have practical on job training experience feel free to go ahead and get yourself a certificate. It would certainly help you to get more job offer from reputable medical institution, as well as higher monthly salary.

Last but not least, for those that who have education degree background as well as on field working experience, one might still need to take the phlebotomy certification in order to renew their license. There are different test requirement across different state and country. So you might need to take additional stage bound certification test to meet the regulation if you plan to migrate and work there. Retaking the test once a few years would be beneficial for you to gain additional up-to-date knowledge and latest practice of the industry.

After you have done your preparation and phlebotomy courses revision, you are ready to take the test by picking your analysis date. Depending on the amounts of the test applicants, you would be assigned a date to take the test. There are limited seats available per exam session thus is better for you to make earlier registration (few months in advance) before the seats are filled. You would need to pay a small amount of exam fees every time you take the test.

CNA Job Description

Apr 24

CNA’s are able to do quite a bit. They provide direct patient care. Medical and medical. Usually CNA’s are supervised whether it is an LPN nurse or RN nurse. CNA’s are never typically not watched over. There are many work duties that CNA’s have. The cna job description is below.

CNA Job Description – Duties

Some of the work duties of a CNA include assisting patients walking and patients entering or leaving their beds. Some others are taking vital signs, clean a patient’s room, help with some medical procedures, feeding patients, provide hygiene, collecting samples for testing, monitoring patient and reporting changes, making beds, delivering messages, answer call lights, and much more.

CNA’s cannot do the same things in every state. In some states CNA’s are allowed to do more and others states CNA’s are not allowed to do as much as only a LPN or RN can do some jobs. You will learn all of this in your CNA training if you decide to be a CNA or already are one.

CNA job Description

CNA’s work in a variety of settings which include nursing homes, hospitals, personal homes, long-term care facilities, outpatient facilities, clinics and in-home care. CNA’s are often given patient work duties that are not very desirable to other hospital staff. CNA’s are typically supervised however home health nurse aides typically work independently with little direct supervision. That is the cna job description.

Eating For Conception

Apr 10

It is of the utmost importance for a woman to have a healthy diet she is pregnant. The benefit it provides for both you and your baby is immense. Did you also know how very important it is to eat well even before you get pregnant? If you are actively trying to get pregnant you have to make sure your body is prepared to accept the challenge.

The first thing you should do before even beginning to try is to talk to your doctor to see how you measure up health wise. Does he think you need to lose a few pounds before getting pregnant or does he feel you need to gain a few? Your doctor may recommend that you change your eating habits and start exercising.

As soon as you have decide that you want a baby, you should start to get in the habit of eating healthier foods. Slowly begin to cut down on the caffeine. If you smoke cigarettes, then now would be a great time for you to give that up – instead of waiting until your pregnancy test shows up as positive. Cigarette smoking can decrease your fertility and also heighten the risk of having a miscarriage – if you continue to smoke whilst pregnant.

Eating For Conception:

It is advisable to take prenatal vitamins or at least a multivitamin supplement that contains at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. You can also begin to add food into your diet that is rich in folic acid such as spinach and other green vegetables, peanuts, and orange juice. You can also start by taking a prenatal vitamin also. These vitamins contain iron, folic acid, and calcium along with vitamin C, D, B and vitamins B6 and B12 also.

Reevaluated your diet. Start to eat foods that have plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Lay off the fat and excess sugar. You want to eat foods that have a high nutrient density. Eat at least five portions a day of fruits and vegetables along with protein and iron rich foods like dried fruit, and green vegetables. Try to steer clear of raw fish like sushi, and steer clear of under-cooked shellfish, meat or chicken.

You also want to try to avoid fish that has high mercury content like swordfish, shark, or king mackerel. Cut out any food that has unpasteurized milk in it including cheeses such as brie, Camembert, and some Mexican cheese. Also cut out foods that have raw egg in it including homemade cookie dough.

Lots of Water

Make sure you increase your water intake, if you do not normally drink much. Water should always be your first beverage choice before, during and after your pregnancy. Water helps to flush any toxins right out of your system. Once you have had your recommended eight glasses per day, then you can drink fruit and vegetable juices as well.

Quit Alcohol

Perhaps the most important thing you can do before you get pregnant is to cut out all alcohol. The American College of Obstetricians and gynecologists have stated that women who drink might have a harder time getting pregnant than women who do not drink. Another reason why you should give up alcohol is that most birth defects that are caused by alcohol exposure usually occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy, usually before you even know you are pregnant.

Getting your body prepared for pregnancy is one of the best decisions you could make. Your body will be more prepared for the challenge of growing a baby and the experience will be a little easier on your body. Eating for conceptionis something that will really help you conceive your baby.



Apr 10

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Here at “Trying To Conceive” you will find new and relevant information on pregnancy. I am getting together a lot of vital information for women just like you and me, and publishing it here on Trying to Conceive.

My site is still in it’s early days yet, but please bookmark the homepage and check back regularly as this website will be getting regular updates.

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What does an ultrasound technician do?

Apr 08

Checking the internal organs of the patient’s body is the job of a technician. Transducer is a device that releases high frequency sound waves into the patient’s body. These sounds echo off the area that is targeted and present an image onto the computer. This helps technicians understand whether the person is suffering from any problem or not as it gives an insight into what is happening inside the body of the patient. This technique is widely used in pregnant women. It helps to know the growth and health of the baby.

They also need to have good people skills. These techs meet different people on a daily basis. Most of them come in scared because they fear the doctor’s office. Some have serious injuries that need to be checked. There are multiple reasons why a person meets up with an ultrasound tech and most of them sound scary. The job of the technician includes calming the person down. He or she should carry on their tests in such a way that the patient can hold their own.

Even though the job of an ultrasound technician sounds promising and rewarding, it requires a lot of hard work to be put it.

  1. They must ensure that the equipment is cleaned and prepared for the next patient.
  2. They must decide the place to set up the machine. This will help them get the best images and understand better what the patient is suffering from.
  3. They must be able to explain to the patient what is going on so that the patient understands everything. If there are any questions, the tech should b able to answer them.
  4. Technicians also have to decide whether or not they have sufficient images to diagnose the problem.
  5. They should also know what the doctor wants in his images and what he does not want. He or she should only provide those images to the doctor.
  6. If they feel that something is not right with an image then they should inform the doctor about the same.
  7. An ultrasound tech is expected to be privy to all the latest information about the industry.
  8. Maintain the records of patients in an organized manner.

These are the main tasks that a technician is expected to deal with on a daily basis. There is a lot more that he or she is expected to do and monitor. As mentioned earlier, the job is not easy but since it is rewarding and expected to progress, it is a wonderful job to have. If you are looking for something challenging that keeps you on your toes for the rest of your life then this is the job you are looking for.

Ultrasound-TechnicianDo you want to be an ultrasound technician?

If you wish to be trained as an ultrasound tech then the time is now. You should get yourself enrolled in a university that offers the program for sonographers. You can check a few local colleges to know the different programs being offered and go to a university of your choice. You should also visit a few schools so that you can know of the training facilities that will be offered. Schools tie up with hospitals to provide training to students so you can opt for a school that is tied up with the hospital you wish to work with.

Job outlook for an ultrasound technician

The career prospects for a diagnostic medical sonographer are pretty good. If you have a good background and degree, you can hope to get a job that will pay you well. Technological advancements in this field are always on the rise. People come up with newer technology and technicians get the opportunity to get trained to use those technologies on a daily basis. Career options are better for those who are interested in specializing in a particular branch. If you do this, your wages will also increase.

What are the different jobs available for an ultrasound technician?

The most common job of a medical sonographer requires dealing in gynecology. They are the ones who are responsible for doing the ultrasounds on pregnant women. They can track the growth of the fetus with their equipment. This helps to say whether or not the baby is developing properly and is in good health.

Another job that is available for ultrasound technicians is abdominal sonography. This requires them to look inside the abdomen of the patient with the use of proper equipment to look for abdominal quality. They also check the pelvis, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas and kidney to assess the organs of the patient. This is done so that if the patient has liver enlargements, tumors, kidney stones, gall stones and appendicitis, it can be diagnosed.

To check for breast cancer, mammographers are used. Sonographers are used in complement with the mammographer so that the cancer does not get missed.

Some patients require the use of neurosonographers. They are used to gauge and thoroughly check the central nervous system and brains of the patient. Proper imaging from these sonographies helps physicians assess problems such as brain tumors, vascular problems, strokes and fluid build-ups that the person is suffering from.

The technicians who are experiencing a high growth in their job are musculoskeletal sonographers. They are responsible for imaging joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments. They are mostly used in sports events and they find the abnormality with precision. They can also carry out needle therapies and other such therapies with complete accuracy.


What are the skills that an ultrasound technician should have?

There are a lot of skills that a sonographer is expected to have. Their job only looks simple but once you get down to do it, it is not so. They need to have multiple skills to keep the patients and doctors satisfied and happy with them at all times.

  1. Communication- a patient should easily be able to communicate with his sonographer. The technician should have the skills to effectively communicate with doctors and patients. They should be able to deal with a variety of people under different circumstances.
  2. Co-ordination- this is a skill that is a must in a sonographer. He needs to use one hand to hold the equipment and use it at the targeted body area of the patient. His eyes need to be on the screen to look for any abnormality. His may have to use his other hand to hold the patient steady.
  3. Stamina- technicians need to have a lot of stamina. They are expected to spend a lot of time on their feet. They also need to handle heavy weight machinery. Having good stamina will only help them do their job better.
  4. Precision- sonographers are expected to be precise. They need to jot down the details of the patients and also use the equipment on the right place. All this requires precision and it is very important for an ultrasound technician.
  5. Attention to detail- sonographers have to pay attention to the smallest detail. If they miss even a small thing then an ultrasound becomes incomplete. It may even lead to the patient being misdiagnosed. The sonographer should notice any tiny abnormality. It can make all the difference in the life of the patient.

Ultrasound is a fast growing field. There are a lot of innovations in terms of technology. Also, most of the patients need to visit a sonographer before their problem can get diagnosed. Sonographers are people who can effectively diagnose a patient. They know what area of the person has what abnormality and that gets passed on to the doctor in charge. Specializing in a particular branch of sonography is always better as it promises more pay. This is a field that is expected to experience a rise for the next ten years. The medicine industry is not going anywhere, sick people need to be treated and sonographers play a big role in fulfilling that.